Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

Linus: Okay sorry, what is this called ? Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” *laughs* Linus: fantastic, alright so i’m here at Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” Linus: yeah perfect thank you, with Scotty From ‘Strange Parts’, so I’m “getting me some strange parts” In China Which is actually exactly what we’re doing So, in this, like, gigantic tech mall-thing They have […]

Keeping A Story Simple

Die Hard may be the most famous movie to actually take the idea of fighting enemies from level to level literally, but the original writer’s idea for the story was basically a live-action version of Elevator Action, a game released just a few years earlier. Since then, movies like Dredd and The Raid: Redemption have […]

Originality In Video Games

Man, some of the dialogue and writing on this series is *really* sharp! This is definitely one of the best reiterations of Sonic we’ve ever gotten of Sonic. And while it can be clunky at times, in my opinion, it’s a series that’s gotten better and better! But anyway, onto Number 1’s! And, without a […]

5 biggest casinos in the US

5 biggest casinos in the US We all love to hit the casino either for fun or just to gamble. Casino refers to a place where gambling activities take place. There are various other activities that take place in the casino such as hosting of live events. Modern-day casinos are generally seen in one world […]