Originality In Video Games

Man, some of the dialogue and writing on this series is *really* sharp! This is definitely one of the best reiterations of Sonic we’ve ever gotten of Sonic. And while it can be clunky at times, in my opinion, it’s a series that’s gotten better and better! But anyway, onto Number 1’s! And, without a doubt, the number 1 worst video game cartoon is… Deep Voice: Captain N: The Game Master! There are many other best online casinos out there, but none are as infamous as “The Game Master!” I mean, I can Google bad video game cartoons and it is literally the first result that comes up on Wikipedia. It’s basically just a long, glorified advertisement for a game console! I mean, just listen to this *stellar* world’s name!

Woman: Well, you’re in Video Land Strider: Ya get it!? The clever part is, it’s called Video Land because it’s a land from a video game! We even host the -(gasp)- Videolympics! (Groans) I think would’ve been happier not ever knowing the name “Videolympics” even existed in the vocabulary of man! “Captain N’s” characters are shallow, the animation’s some of the laziest you will ever see, if I didn’t recognize these characters, they’d probably look like.. distorted blurs to my head! But during my craze, when I was 6, I could actually seen myself watching this lazy, cartoon white-noise. We even get the chance at one episode to  celebrate… Mega Man’s birthday! (Sarcastically) Oh, hoo-ray! Mega Man: I can’t tell you Kid Icarus, if I do it won’t come true. Woman: How about opening your presents, Mega Man? Strider: But video Land is always under attack! BY VARIOUS NINTENDO ANTAGONISTS!

The most ugly, cheesy Nintendo Antagonists you could ever ask for. Mother Brain: To stock it bin floor at the heart of Video Land! Strider: I’m gonna guess this isn’t what you expected Mother Brain to look, or sound like They shovel so much merchandise at you that you’ll be hallucinating D-Pads for the next two days! What is there to *say* about the animation? Just look at it for yourself! It’s lazy, haphazard, and just corporate washed down plastic junk! Captain N was some of the worst of the glorified advertisement era. Insert popular product here, and make a cartoon! They even introduce “Game Boy” as a character! A literal. Talking. Game Boy. Game Boy: I am called Game Boy, I am programmed to play games. Strider: The originality bar here is just going so *low*! I don’t think we can cram it to the floor any lower! I-I guess the novelty of seeing this exists means it serves a purpose in cartoon history? But it really doesn’t do much! The only thing Captain N gives to the world is the strong lesson how to definitely *not* do a video game cartoon! And I think the number 1… *best* video game cartoon is… “Castlevania” Just a heads up: This one isn’t for younger viewers. Brutal, dark, and one of the best adult Netflix cartoons out right now.