The material for the future: Biodegradable, Recyclable, Reusable.

A brand new product to replace plastic shelling: Paper PP Alloy. A paper based shelling material that is strong, sturdy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to make.

Paper PP Alloy is a new material for consumer electronic manufactures to choose from; this new material is made of the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene). After research, development and experiments, PEGA D&E successfully created the paper based material. Because of the paper characteristic of this product, Paper PP Alloy is biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

  • the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene)

Paper: Strong, Sturdy, and Ready to GO

Paper PP Alloy is not only environmentally friendly but also strong, sturdy, and flexible. Compared to plastic, the materials needed to make Paper PP Alloy are easy to retrieve. These advantages have already drawn the attention of consumer electronics manufactures. An even more exciting feature is Paper PP Alloy can be molded using injection molding method; it can be easily adapted without changing the manufacturing process.

Paper PP Alloy is the new material for our decade of 2010, be prompted, you will be using this material in the soon future.